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Stop Worrying. Start Acting.

The worry gets us nowhere. We fret and stress over whether we are parenting correctly, if our children will be healthy and happy, if the world will approve of our choices.

Stop worrying – there’s action you can take. If your child is not the same since receiving conventional vaccines, do your homework. Find out exactly what they received and what it contained. Consider homeopathy or CEASE therapy.

If you are concerned about protection from infectious disease, explore homeoprophylaxis. It’s called “HP” and has been around for over 200 years.

We provide a variety of homeopathic services to help you and your family find and maintain health.

Cilla brings a rich and varied background of personal and professional experiences to her practice.

Children Are The Future.

We were all children at one time. Today’s children are entrusted to us. How we treat them, how we cherish them, how we heal them – will determine our future.

No matter how you say it, children are children everywhere in the world. In their eyes we see ourselves, past generations and future generations as well. They carry the light of the world and hope for the future.

Take Responsibility for Your Children's Health

Children are the future. We were all children at one time. Today’s children are entrusted to us. How we treat them, how we cherish them, how we heal them – will determine our future.

Increase Your Vitality and Immunity

Homeopathy for constitutional care has an excellent track record. It can address chronic issues like ear infections, sinusitis and asthma, as well as behavioral complaints.

Become Educated and Make Your Own Choices

Expand your mind and you expand your choices. Expand your choices and you get personal empowerment. It’s all about always learning.

Is Homeopathy Right For You?

If you want to take more control of your own health and the health of your children, I have a feeling that homeopathy will be a great fit.

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